Feeling Free

There is nothing wrong with anger or any other feeling — feelings are meant to be felt. Often though, we are used by them; because we avoid them, thinking it will keep us from pain, when really, it causes more pain and suffering. I’ve found that the only way is through. The more you try[…]

What’s On Your Mind?

  Two chairs – Five minutes – Whatever is on your mind Next weekend, we will be sharing The Listening Project at the Central Florida Earth Day festival at Lake Eola. The concept is simple – we listen. As society continues to speed up around us and our interactions become increasingly digitized, we spend less[…]

He Listens And Sees

20k Hertz – Audio Descriptions Right away, we get it! Clips of The Matrix are played. We hear the opening chase scene, with its weighty score, dialog, environmental sounds and effects. All these are accompanied by a clean articulate, and emotionally invested (at least tonally) voice efficiently describing all the action. Hidden in the coding[…]

Laughter Yoga Featured in the Orlando Sentinel

Orlando Sentinel reporters Ryan and Sarah, came out to our Laughter Yoga workshop last Sunday. They created a beautiful story and video featuring our laughter yoga teacher, Victoria Dym. The Laughter Yoga workshop is all about utilizing fake laughter to unleash true joy and endorphins! Check out the full story and video here! News, insights[…]

Life Design: Happy Answers Need Creative Direction

We recently listened to a super exciting episode of The Hidden Brain, “Getting Unstuck” . We don’t know our future. We can see our challenges the way designers have been solving ‘problems’ for years—creativity, wayfinding, and improvisation. “Once you realize none of us know the future, we’re making it up as we go along, so let’s[…]