Why A Living Room

So, why a living room?   Living Room Theater or LRT, is a performance art project that fosters connection and community. Envisioned by Tisse Mallon and developed with actor/musician, Jack Graham, LRT is performed in real homes of everyday people. Most basic American households have a living room; in fact, it is a staple of Read more about Why A Living Room[…]

Questions We Ask Every Day Without Even Realizing It

I believe that at our deepest level there is a desire to be seen, to know that we’re gotten and that we matter. Beyond our masks, our opinions, perceptions of what the “truth” is in our world. Human to human connection — not race, religion, politics or any other label that defines who we are. When you Read more about Questions We Ask Every Day Without Even Realizing It[…]

Gentle, Manly – Shifting The Male Stereotype

Phrases like “men don’t cry” and “men are tough” are commonplace in our society. Generally speaking, we haven’t created a safe space for men to openly be sensitive or affectionate and especially when it comes to interacting with one another. Gentle, Manly aims to question this norm and offer an opportunity for dialogue in our Read more about Gentle, Manly – Shifting The Male Stereotype[…]