Connective Communication Program

Connective Communication Basics

Learn how to relieve anxiety, listen powerfully, increase understanding, and connect with others.
Build strong, meaningful relationships.

This class:

- Is held virtually via Zoom
- Is designed for individuals 18 years and older.
- Is also offered in Spanish.

Cost: $15  FREE 
The link to join via Zoom will be sent to you when you register.

In this class, you’ll learn tools you can immediately use to help you resolve conflicts, listen powerfully, increase understanding, and connect with others. You'll learn how to shift out of judgement, blame and criticism (which result in disconnection) and into awareness, compassion and understanding (which result in connection). Once in connection, we are able to foster meaningful relationships and create powerful strategies with our families and at work.

This class is right for you if:

  • You value connection and want to experience more understanding.
  • You want more tools for dealing with a prolonged period of stress or isolation.
  • You want to improve the quality of your relationship with someone in your life.
  • You want to understand your mental/emotional connection on a new level.

You'll walk out of this class with:

  • Practical tools for understanding yourself and others.
  • Skills to hear what lies beyond the words another is saying.
  • A powerful process relieving stress and thinking clearly.


The Connective Communication Program

This transformative program is designed to bring clarity, ease, and fulfillment to daily living. As interconnected beings, the quality of our lives depends greatly of the quality of our relationships. Through understanding the basics of how our human brains function, you’ll experience access to five principles:

Connection • Balance • Engagement •

Compassion • Appreciation



Connective Communication Foundation: 5-week course

Description: The soil makes all the difference. In order to grow, it’s important to have a space that’s safe, nutrient rich, and tended to. This foundational course provides just that. Within a small, welcoming community you’ll get to reflect upon your beliefs, how it feels to be in your body, and the effectiveness of your actions.

  • Week 1 - Living A Successful Life: Internal & External Gauges  
  • Week 2 - Sensing Internal Communication: Sensitivity, Labeling, & Intensification 
  • Week 3 - Survival Brain: Automatic Functioning & Authentic Self
  • Week 4 - Perception Of Reality: Observation, Evaluation, & Story
  • Week 5 - Mindful Self-Compassion: Acceptance & Kindness


Connective Communication Exploration: 10-week course

Description: This course is where you break beyond your inner experience to explore who you are in relation to the world around you. We’ll take a look at how the default functions of our brains can get in the way of what actually matters to us, and how to step into intentionality with power.

  • Week 1 - Deep Listening: Guessing & Reflecting
  • Week 2 - Acknowledging Default States: Judgement, Evaluation, & Criticism 
  • Week 3 - Strategies: Shifting From Rightness to Effectiveness
  • Week 4 - Self-Directed Reminders: Pillars of Truth
  • Week 5 - Choosing The Elements Of Your Life: Creatability & Responsibility
  • Week 6 - Internal Chatter: Awareness & Direction
  • Week 7 - Experience Of Life: Ways of Being & Presence
  • Week 8 - The Game of Life: Power & Illusion
  • Week 9 - The Meaning Of Everything: Survival Roots & Perception
  • Week 10 - Understanding Criticism: Clarity & Values


Connective Communication Integration: 10-week course

Description: This course focuses on the application of this work to your daily life. Balance and inner calm are naturally challenged the moment we engage with others. You’ll deepen your ability to recognize old patterns of response that no longer serve you, as well as, your ability to respond with intentionality.

  • Week 1 - Boundaries: Inner Clarity & Action
  • Week 2 - Making Requests: Owning Our Needs
  • Week 3 - Making Requests: Increasing Effectiveness
  • Week 4 - Mega-Misconception 1
  • Week 5 - Mega-Misconception 2
  • Week 6 - Mega-Misconception 3
  • Week 7 - Power: Control & Influence
  • Week 8 - Punitive Justice
  • Week 9 - Restorative Justice
  • Week 10 - Unmet Needs


Connective Communication Creation:

Ongoing Weekly

This will be the highest level of our work and will provide an ongoing space to continue evolving together.



Connection Cards facilitate the identification of feelings and needs.
We utilize them often and will always provide them for use during class.
Here's where you can order your own set to use at home.