A Collection Of Individuals

A Collection Of Individuals

It’s circle time for the outcasts. And they are oh so Intriguing. 

Re:Sound always curates great stories from the podcast universe into a wonderful single themed podcast sampler platter. Think of this episode as the best of the radio leftovers. The things that didn’t fit perfectly in themes of others, fits here. Referred to as “our favorite orphaned yet timeless stories.” I’ve highlighted a few that stand out.

Smart Old Broad is her stage name. A 60-year-old woman who considered herself socially safe when she was “alone” discovers how to glam rock in the US Air Guitar Championship. And that’s “traditional” air guitar, not the button prop n’ screen video game. It’s the  This is dancing, glitter, spandex, frazzled hair, all as if you had a guitar in your hands, on stage. 

"I had to prove to myself that I was alive."

Her voice is iconic. An endearing Brooklyn accent with a squeal and up-speak in the peaks of excitement. It turns out she wasn’t always under her own control. To say “therapy is advisable” is easy. It's awe-inspiring to hear that over a decade after being out of the shadow of her mother’s constraint, she only found out how to leave the uniform behind after she discovered how to put on the costume of her personal rock star.       

The Leaves was part of the BBC project, Between The Essays. The subtle prompt is a line from the poem The Night by Adelaide Crapsey: “The leaves, frost crisp’d, break from the trees” is the seed (ha!) of inspiration for creative radio pieces which are all tied together in a mosaic of beautiful sorts. The sounds come from every context. Pieces like these are little examples of the mind’s roots of thought. 

"When you step into the world of imagery there are no rules." 

Closed eyes, a sip of tea, memory of a slaughtered lamb, dancing on the grass, a spoon clinks against the porcelain, leaving home in the middle of the night. It is enrapturing, like waking in a new town again and again. Snippets of poetry, story, interview, audio experience, counter each other with exquisite intimacy. Each looking close. Each exploring the texture of a phrase to see what more there is to feel. Who or what here is the do-er and who is the brittle done-to?  

The voice of Six House Parties has the British brute of the rapper Trickey, heard in many a song by Massive Attack. The tongue, that to my ear, is always a harp thin tripwire away from pluckin’ a “fuck” out is just as intellectually aware and sensitive to the surrounding beauty. Each party (6 total) in the half-dozen carton has its own absurd theme, a kind of unwinding ball-of-yarn thread sexual tension, and characters who arouse emotional spark-fly in the master of ceremony's imagination.

"You ask her if she’s got any Beethoven for later. Both of your beards glow in the sugary UV light."

Yoga, the letter “K”, and the Fibonacci Sequence are a few of the themes. Electronica music serenade 2nd person tales of toga critiques, a girl wearing a luminous beard better than his, a Japanese anime composer, and cocktail sausages as cigars. You’re always a little uncertain if he’s pissed or pleased by something. That alone has its own humor to it. You’ll have to listen to the end to find out. I will be following the author/voice/producer of this podcast, Ross Sutherland, much more.


Lend An Ear is a series highlighting podcasts, interviews, and stories that help us become enriched expressions of ourselves. Whether it's a scientific study that explains our nature or a song which broadens your emotional landscape, Lend An Ear curates audio gems.

From the Author: My name is Logan Anderson. I'm a performer, poet, and storyteller. The order doesn't really matter. I'm from Sarasota, Florida. It was where I saw aerial performers rehearse for the circus on the route to school, where I played on the lawn and wandered the halls of the Ringling Museum, and where our white beach sand met the Native American tribal mounds. We are all trying to know or wanting to feel. I’m looking for the more that is there.