Conversations That Matter

Conversations That Matter

Letting people know they matter to us doesn’t always look like words of praise.

Sometimes it looks like delivering a piece of communication that has been buried within us asking to be known to the receiver, but we can’t find the courage to say, “I messed up, I made a mistake, I wasn’t my best self at that moment.” Or, “ I hid that from you because I felt that you wouldn’t like me anymore, wouldn’t be proud of me, would judge me, or think I’m weird.”

We become scared — scared of showing ourselves, scared of being seen for who we really are — scars, mistakes, not being our best in situations.

Here’s the beautiful thing — we may have been those things, but we’ve also been loving, supportive, compassionate, and brilliant.

All of us. That’s the gift of being human.

All of these things can exist inside of us at the same time and that’s okay.

Showing up for hard conversations takes something. It takes being responsible and vulnerable; letting your guard down, showing your humanity, and being okay with letting it all hang out…leaving it all on the table.

When we expose ourselves to someone in this way, we create a space for the other person to really hear us. This invites them to meet us where we are in a way that leaves both people touched.

Something shifts in those moments and both people are left with an impact that will forever change them in some way, may it be subtle or substantial.

Is there something you’ve been carrying inside you undelivered? Who needs to hear from you today?

Humans Being is a series which includes stories and thoughts about what it means to be human. Powerful questions become the catalyst to help expand our views of ourselves and others.

From the Author: Stephanie Veraghen
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