Your Hosting Experience

You have the opportunity as the host to bring your community together. Observing unique experiences, such as theater in your living room, facilitates shared connections. What arises, moment to moment, during and after each show will provoke reflection and honest discussion.

Imagine inviting your friends, your family, even co-workers over to share in the immersive experience. Where you the host opens the door to treat your community. We learn through experience. Yet the shared experience teaches us about each other as well as ourselves. You are a host to a home filled with intrigue, as your audience finds their links between the absurd and life, the personal and the mutual. Click here for FAQs.

The Shows

Choose a show to bring to your living room.
All shows run approximately 60 minutes and are followed by a 10-30 minute discussion.


Living Room Theater

The original living room show.

Otter, Bear and Dog share vignettes reflecting on humanity. Through pensive to comical conversations, experimental performance pieces and live instrumentals, a story emerges.


The Experience

The participatory show.

The line between performer and audience becomes blurred as you are invited to interact, express and play. Think of it as a life-sized board game.


How can I request a show?

Get in contact with us: Fill out the form above, email us at:, or call us at: (518) 328-4773.

If you have love for art, a playful spirit, and of course a “living room” Then a personal theater performance can happen in your home. The performers commonly travel within a 150 mile radius of Orlando, FL. We consider all requests for all shows, though we do require a deposit for booking shows further than the common radius.

How many friends should I invite over?

A full house or filled living rooms work best, as long as everyone is comfortable. We suggest between 8 and 35 guests to start.

Are these shows kid friendly?

We do not recommend anyone under 17. While not lewd or vulgar, the show includes adult situations and topics.

How much space do I need?

Ideally, we recommend an area of 6’x6’ for the performance space. However, we will adapt to your home. Let us know what your space is like.  

How long is a show?

Each show is about 60 minutes. We follow shows with a 10 to 30 minute period for discussion. This is to allow for questions and comments - about the show, your guests' experiences, and the creative process.

What is the price for a show?

We are donation-based. The suggested amount is $20/guest.