Feeling Free

Feeling Free

There is nothing wrong with anger or any other feeling — feelings are meant to be felt.

Often though, we are used by them; because we avoid them, thinking it will keep us from pain, when really, it causes more pain and suffering.

I’ve found that the only way is through. The more you try to go around your feelings, the harder it is.

It looks easier, but you suffer longer.

When you hold feelings inside, the situation attached to them becomes more significant. If you’re not careful, you end up becoming them.

Share your feelings, get them out. Free yourself up.

Who do you share with? Do you have someone to talk to that you trust? Do you allow yourself to open up about how you feel?

Humans Being is a series which includes stories and thoughts about what it means to be human. Powerful questions become the catalyst to help expand our views of ourselves and others.

From the Author: Stephanie Veraghen
WHO I AM: Connector, visionary, thought provoker, giver, sparkler, lover of life, communicator and awesifier.
WHAT I DO: Work with others to see the possibilities of any situation so they can grow personally or professionally.
MY PASSION: To inspire and be inspired everyday, create win/win situations, and see others light up.