Mindful Momentum

Mindful Momentum

A Physical Exploration of Intuition and Inner Peace

This 4 session course is guided walking meditation with a creative twist. We will borrow introspective exercises originating in theatre, dance, puppetry, and music for our own personal exploration of self, values, and inspiration. We will focus on listening to our environment, our bodies, and our impulses. We will seek to apply what we’ve heard to our movement, our words, and our thoughts. We will practice in bare feet and loose, comfortable clothing. Come with a warm body and an open heart.

By taking this course, the participant will:
- Discover personal embodiment for core concepts related to self, values, and inspiration
- Learn tactics for bringing discovered physicality into your daily life
- Experience safe, structured exploration of impulse and the release of inhibition
- Explore the drawing of empowerment from totem objects 
- Obtain new skills to integrate empowering movement, touch, sounds, and words

Each class will be held on a Saturday 1pm to 4pm. 
Here are the specific dates -
10/7, 10/14, 10/21, 10/28
The entire 4-week course costs $150.We will be accepting a limited number of participants.

Movement Arts Studio
2594 N Orange Blossom Trail
Orlando, FL 32803

Becky Lane is a native Floridian who loves summer most of all. She has been gaining personal insight through creative practice since she was in middle school. Her formal training includes an MA in Communication where she studied creating social change through entertainment media and an MFA in experimental theatre, where she gathered rare creative processes for generating performance. She has completed training in Laban Movement Analysis, which is a somatic physical practice. Rebekah has taught creativity techniques in a variety of college classes for more than 8 years. With theater, she seeks to join the audience in bridging gaps that inhibit our understanding of our world.