Questions We Ask Every Day Without Even Realizing It

Questions We Ask Every Day Without Even Realizing It

I believe that at our deepest level there is a desire to be seen, to know that we’re gotten and that we matter. Beyond our masks, our opinions, perceptions of what the “truth” is in our world. Human to human connection — not race, religion, politics or any other label that defines who we are.

When you strip them all down — that is where the real beauty lies.

Do you hear me? Do you see me? Do I mean something to you?

These are the questions we ask each other and the world every day without even realizing it through our conversations and actions both consciously and unconsciously.

Often it is not seen, but when uncovered and discovered, there lies the question — am I going to use this awareness to forward humanity or stay in the comfort of who I’ve known myself to be?

Humans Being is a series which includes stories and thoughts about what it means to be human. Powerful questions become the catalyst to help expand our views of ourselves and others.

From the Author: Stephanie Veraghen
WHO I AM: Connector, visionary, thought provoker, giver, sparkler, lover of life, communicator and awesifier.
WHAT I DO: Work with others to see the possibilities of any situation so they can grow personally or professionally.
MY PASSION: To inspire and be inspired everyday, create win/win situations, and see others light up.