Soul Fitness

Soul Fitness

We've learned that in order to keep things in optimal working order, maintenance is required. Cars get gas and oil changes. Our bodies need nutritious food and exercise regularly. What about the emotional and spiritual parts of us?

Other than venting to a friend occasionally how can we process and clear the daily challenges we face? It's typical for us to stuff down emotions that are uncomfortable or numb with one or more of the many options available to us - alcohol, media, shopping, eating, etc. There's nothing wrong with these activities on their own, but when used to numb ourselves, the result is life feels heavy and often overwhelming. Or even worse, life becomes bland and insipid.

Soul Fitness is an opportunity to free yourself from the weight of the emotions, stress and worries that are a normal part of life. Consider this fitness for your soul - leaving you strong, clear-headed and energized. Like any other fitness regimen, making it a part of your life on a regular basis will keep you there. At Elar Institute, we crafted a simple 3-hour monthly workshop dedicated to this, here's how it works.

Each session will:
- Increase your emotional intelligence 
- Provide you with new tools for self-care 
- Unite you with others who are seeking to live life fully

Session dates TBA

Pricing: $25/session