The Power of Words

The Power of Words

Just like a smile, words are contagious.

We can use them to build things and people up or break them down.

They have an energy to them. From the conversations that you have with the people who are closest to you, to the stranger on their cell phone whose conversation you can’t help but overhear.

Words flow out of our mouths and into the hearts and awareness of others.

They stick. And people are left with something.

There’s an impact. Think about it.

Some conversations you can walk away from feeling like you’re flying high; and some totally deflated.

Words can be weapons or wonderfully inspiring.

Sometimes just overhearing someone else’s interaction with another person can leave you carrying a piece of it. One little sentence can set the tone for how your day goes. One phrase like, thank you can bring you immense joy.

How do you use your words every day? What kind of conversations are you having? What do they leave you with? How are you leaving others with the things that you say and the language that you use?

Humans Being is a series which includes stories and thoughts about what it means to be human. Powerful questions become the catalyst to help expand our views of ourselves and others.

From the Author: Stephanie Veraghen
WHO I AM: Connector, visionary, thought provoker, giver, sparkler, lover of life, communicator and awesifier.
WHAT I DO: Work with others to see the possibilities of any situation so they can grow personally or professionally.
MY PASSION: To inspire and be inspired everyday, create win/win situations, and see others light up.