Small Group Workshops


Check out our new, bi-weekly class designed to keep you strong, clear-headed and energized.

The Elar Approach

Performance - This workshop teaches presence, non-verbal communication and activates the creative mind through the Elar Approach's founding principles for performance - fun, connection and authenticity.

The Big Picture

Personal Discovery - This workshop brings forth clarity (to the themes and purpose in your life) by using the power for story and simple drawings to help illustrate direction.

Story Design

Writing - Discover how the power of structure to craft compelling stories is what keeps audiences engaged, connected and wanting more, whether it's for page, stage or film.


Personal Discovery - The sharing of food is an experience that connects us. In this workshop we harness this connection to provide a backdrop for small group therapy sessions.

Meditation & Unity

Personal Discovery - Learn how the power of your own breath, intention and visualizations are ideal in meditation. This workshop is a wonderful starting point for those new to meditation, yet want all the benefits that's proven with practice.

The Power of Touch

Personal Discovery - Clear and open communication is the foundation of trust and understanding. Together we build this foundation to then provide you the opportunity to enhance openness, acceptance and love in your life through platonic touch.

In Motion

Personal Discovery/Performance - This workshop focuses on the symbolic through physical movement and connective performance to encourage catharsis and release.

Laughter Yoga

Personal Discovery - Laughter is simulated as a body exercise in a group, with eye contact and childlike playfulness; it soon turns into real and contagious laughter. No mats or special clothing required.