On The Air – To A Certain Degree

On The Air – To A Certain Degree

On June 12, 2017 Jack Graham and myself had the pleasure of being on WPRK's To A Certain Degree with host Nick Georgoudiou to talk about Living Room Theater, pop culture, and other random nonsense. We met early in the morning at the Starbucks on Park Ave. and walked over to the station with our drinks in hand. To A Certain Degree is a 2 hour long show! I was curious if it would feel as long as it sounded and truth be told... it sure didn't. Nick breaks the 2 hours into 8 segments in which we get to know each other through quirky games, sharing stories and playing music.



Nick posted his experience of this morning on his website which you can find here:


He also broke down the show into these bits for those who would prefer just a little sample:

Here's the full show:

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