Connection Cards

Connection Cards:

An introspective tool for authentic conversations

The intention of Connection Cards is to facilitate the identification of feelings & needs which increase self-awareness, compassion, & effective communication. This deck includes 33 Feelings & 42 Needs cards. $25 per deck - Free Shipping within the United States.

Connective Communication

Connective Communication focuses on the quality of connection experienced with the self, others & the world. By shifting out of judgment, blame & criticism (which result in disconnection) & into awareness, compassion & understanding (which result in connection) we are able to foster meaningful relationships, clear thinking, & create powerful strategies for aspects of life that matter to us. Instead of asking what’s wrong, let’s ask how we become effective at creating more of what fulfills us.


All human beings share the same needs. Needs are a beautiful indication of being alive. Each of us is 100% responsible for meeting our needs AND we can’t do it alone. When we identify the need producing a particular emotion, it empowers us to create an effective strategy to meet the need.


While there are positive & negative feelings, there is no such thing as a useless feeling. All feelings are valid communication which call for our attention in order to add to the fullness of our lives. Feelings are produced by our perception of whether a particular need is met or not.


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