Connective Communication

In this interactive workshop, we will guide you through simple tools for connecting and communicating effectively in your relationships at work or home.

How to Improve Communication, Navigate Conflict, and Build Connected Relationships

Dec 8th


2 hour




What if you could improve the quality of your relationships — including the relationship with yourself?

Do you struggle to create the change you want to see in relationships with your coworkers, family, friends, or yourself? Have you ever had conversations that leave you stuck or with a nagging feeling of disconnect?

Access a path to emotional connection without instigating defensiveness in others through Connective Communication Basics. This interactive workshop will give you foundational tools to connect and communicate effectively in any relationship using Elar Institute’s transformative human-centered approach. It will guide you through misconceptions about dealing with conflict, understanding feelings and needs, and practicing compassionate communication.

In This Workshop, You Will Learn

  • Understanding how our brain works when we sense conflict.
  • Practical tools for understanding yourself and others.
  • Skills to hear what lies beyond the words another person is saying.
  • A powerful process to relieve stress and think clearly.

Plus, you will get instant access to our Self-Connection Practice Guide to help you better identify and communicate your emotions.


What Previous Students Are Saying

“This was a great basic course on NVC, so practical, and loved the practice and connecting with others.”

– Rebecca, Anchorage, AK


“Having that understanding of the needs mapping to the feelings was really useful; thank you for that!”

– David, Ocala, FL


This Workshop Will Help You:

Break free from fear, discouragement, anxiety, and overwhelm.

Let’s take a moment to quiet your mind. Speak what’s inside your heart. We’ll be there live to listen, answer your questions and share in vulnerability.

Bring peace and collaboration to difficult conversations.

Through our interactive exercises, discover how to resolve conflict in a relationship to create win-win situations collaboratively. Practice with real-life examples so that you can get to the heart of what’s important to you and others every time.

Fast-track your way to trust, healing, and balance.

Bridge disconnected relationships with tools you can use immediately. Learn from a research-based framework that integrates nonviolent communication, neuroscience, emotional intelligence, and self-compassion concepts.

Walk away with relief and clarity.

Instead of playing “who’s right and who’s wrong,” you will confidently embrace feelings, reframe your needs, and grow from conflict. We will show you clear action steps that draw people closer to you instead of further apart.

Unlock the next level of the Connective Communication Program.

You’ll have the opportunity to enroll in our Connective Communication Program which offers weekly classes. Open Enrollment for the next round of our ongoing Connective Communication Program will be August 1 thru 31, 2021.

Connect, share, and learn without judgment.

Find belonging among an international group of emotionally curious, intentional humans like you. This workshop will create a safe space for understanding, connection, and communication.

If you’re ready to experience self-awareness that gives you the power to make meaningful connections and change your life, attend this free communication training.

Meet Your Hosts

Tisse Mallon, they/them

Founder/Co-executive Director, Elar Institute

Tisse Mallon is a holistic lifestyle coach, speaker, and founder of Elar Institute, an educational non-profit dedicated to the science of connection.

They love teaching and have spent more than 15 years helping schools, companies, and individuals develop structures and practices that lead to higher connection, balance, and creativity. Through Elar, Tisse has developed accessible programs culminating from their studies in nonviolent communication, personal growth, spirituality, and creativity. Whether it’s transforming relationships, leading workshops, speaking at TEDx, or performing in The Living Room Theater, they are committed to creating a fun, safe space where you can connect on a human level and thrive.

Amy Whicker, she/her

Co-executive Director, Elar Institute

Amy Whicker is a down-to-earth educator and community builder with a fourteen-year background working with students from all walks of life.

Inspired by her work with nonviolent communication, she co-created Connection Collaboratory, an open space where she leads highly interactive workshops and discussion groups. Amy has facilitated on topics such as compassionate communication, interpersonal skills, and personal empowerment. When Amy is not busy taking special care of program development and student experience design at Elar, she can be found paddle boarding or painting tiles. She is passionate about designing for the learning experience and developing impactful programs that stick with you — including this workshop.

Gregg Pollack, he/him

Instructor, Elar Institute

Gregg Pollack is a successful serial entrepreneur, self-awareness coach, and father of two who teaches with an open heart.

Gregg is best known for creating workspaces for people to feel heard and empowered. He has helped establish startups, including Vue Mastery, Code School, and Starter Studio. For the past five years, Gregg has delved deep into learning and coaching others about emotional intelligence and self-awareness. In this workshop, he will share new ideas to help you communicate effectively with others and deepen your self-awareness of feelings and needs.

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Connective Communication Basics: How to Improve Communication, Navigate Conflict and Build Connected Relationships