Private Coaching

Explore What Matters To You
Via Mindfulness, Creativity, and Conversation

Coaching is structured around an individualized 4-month program which is developed after the introductory session.
This allows us to get to know one another, focus on your particular goals/desires and build progressively. You can expect to learn the foundation of a meditative practice, how to connect with your higher self and build a personal toolkit for being able to handle anything life may bring your way. This program will include a combination of in-person sessions and phone/online support.

Your Coach Will

  • Help you to understand how our minds work (why you’re not crazy, just perfectly human).
  • Provide you with tools for coping, managing and relieving the difficult bits in life (stress, grief, depression, loneliness).
  • Remind you what really matters in life (prioritizing joy, enjoyment, presence).
  • Teach you how to recognize and understand your own emotional patterns. Putting you back in control of your life experience.
  • Guide you through the creation of a compelling vision for yourself and your life that excites you.
  • Show you that all of your power is in the present moment – Now. Not yesterday and not tomorrow.
  • Reconnect you to your sense of curiosity, wonder and playfulness.

"Strengthen the connection with your higher self and learn to trust your intuition."

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Our goal is to satisfy the patient.

Address: 709 Honey Creek Dr. New York
Phone: 888-299-2000
E-mail: impeka@greatives.eu