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Is your body speaking gibberish to you? Your feelings are a language of their own, and sometimes interpreting them can be tricky. Sign up below for free access to our community and 8 pre-recorded lessons. Unlock the power to understand what you’re feeling at a given moment. 

A Global Community Cultivating Compassion, Curiosity, and Play

Understanding each other starts with ourselves.

We’re often not taught how to embrace our feelings and needs. Elar Institute bridges the emotional gap in our education with a practical toolbox to create a fulfilling life for all beings. Our workshops, classes, and coaching programs are based on emotional intelligence, applied neuroscience, and mindfulness, and are delivered with equal care, no matter where you are. 

Let’s celebrate the human experience together!


What Students Say About Us

“I feel like I am learning and relearning how to be aware of my emotions and how they impact me and others. I am starting to recognize my thought patterns and behaviors better so I can change unhealthy ones. Tisse Mallon is an incredible educator – thank you for offering this important work Tisse!” 

– Emily, Oregon

Emily's photo

“When I first met Tisse, I was struck by their mastery of language and laser focus on the things I was thinking and feeling, perhaps unconsciously. I am so glad their gift is being shared with the whole wide world. From TEDx Talks to articles, I am always interested in what Tisse has to say!”

– Nicole, Florida


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