Living Room Theater

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To provide a societal mirror; bringing to light issues which are sometimes difficult to see on our own and opening a space of dialogue for what is occurring around us.

About The Show

Paths of absurdity, raw truth and love intersect as Dog and Bear reflect on humanity through pensive to comical conversations, experimental performance pieces and live instrumentals. Glimpse into their world as a fly on the wall while they share with each other the contents of their dreams, hopes and frustrations.

This original work takes the audience on an emotional journey in an immersive, yet not participatory manner. This means the performers are in and around the audience, but the audience is never acknowledged, called upon nor asked to participate. Following the show is a 10-30 minute discussion to address the show itself and the topics within the performance.


Jack Graham – Dog

Tisse Mallon – Bear

Megan Raitano – Mouse

“An accidental voyeurism, incomplete and unintended yet somehow invigorating…”

— Carl F Gauze,

“A primal, playful joy in the moment…”

— Thomas Thorspecken,

“They are the type of conversations you have with close friends late at night … in a cozy and safe place such as a living room.”

— Matthew J. Palm,

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Our goal is to satisfy the patient.

Address: 709 Honey Creek Dr. New York
Phone: 888-299-2000
E-mail: impeka@greatives.eu