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Living Room Theater

Paths of absurdity, raw truth and love intersect as Bear, Otter and Dog invite you into their living room to share vignettes reflecting on our humanity.

String Tea

A performance about the details of everyday life. Enjoy a series of vignettes which are rooted in conversation and veer off into solos including poetry, music and experimental pieces.

Black Cow Jumps

Black Cow Jumps is reality-based theater duo Banks Helfrich and Tisse Mallon. Journey through an exploration of relationships, philosophy and absurdity through this immersive show.

LR Screenings

Living Room Screening events go beyond movie night and into a shared experience which includes the film, the creator and the reflections of the audience.

Seeking inviting living rooms with inquisitive minds.


Why we do what we do
Let's talk about what really matters in our lives.

Isolation in a crowd is an epidemic of our time. Feelings of disconnection, loneliness and displacement contribute to the violence, apathy and desensitization of our society.

The Elar Institute aims to strengthen individuals and communities through programming which addresses our need for belonging, connection and self expression. The solution we propose exists within our two branches:
Entertainment which enriches an audience through live illustration, examination of norms and the sharing of the deeply personal.
Education which focuses on emotional intelligence, self expression and communication.

  • conscious entertainment
  • Authentic conversations
  • Radical self expression
  • Meaningful connections


People are the magic which make it happen
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Tisse Mallon

My life journey has had one consistent focus – experiencing the extraordinary. I’ve studied personal growth, spirituality and creativity with an insatiable thirst.
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Banks Helfrich

Director of Communications
Filmmaker, performer, bumper sticker creator, water harvester, compulsive flosser.
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Jack Graham

Outreach Director
I am a lifelong seeker of truth and live to share it. I believe that voice and music are the only things which can be thrown at others and result in gratitude. I am a Musician, Improviser, Actor, Father, Husband and Son.
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Logan Anderson

Marketing Director
I’m a performer, poet, and storyteller. We are all trying to know or wanting to feel. I’m looking for the more that is there.
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Vince Santilli

I am energized by the idea that, with enough focus and persistence, virtually anything can be learned. Favorite quote: “Life begins at the edge of your comfort zone.”

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