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Happiness & Fulfillment Can Be Nurtured

At Elar, we offer workshops, classes, and coaching based on emotional intelligence, applied neuroscience, and mindfulness. We help people cultivate peace and balance within themselves and all areas of life.

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Connection Cards

Facilitate the identification of feelings & needs with this deck of cards to increase self-awareness, compassion, & effective communication.

How of Happy

Teach people self awareness in order to connect to themselves, connect to others and create their ideal life.


90 minute sessions where I witness you, accept you, hold space for you, and lovingly help you find your way.

A Change is Coming

2020 has brought incredible challenges for many of us — challenges that have left us feeling anxiety and despair.

While learning how to handle these emotions is crucial to our survival and happiness, the path to understanding ourselves often feels insurmountable.

Communication is at the heart of the human experience. Our body uses chemistry as the primary method to communicate with itself and maintain balance. Our mind uses emotions as a mediator to our inner selves, which create the narratives and beliefs that guide our actions. In turn, we communicate with others in the external world to gather resources, survive, and lead fulfilling lives.



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