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Welcome to the Elar Institute! 

We are a school that’s focused on the Science of Connection.
We’re committed to thinking globally and acting locally to transform the way people treat people.

We believe it is primarily an educational gap that has resulted in the violence, intolerance, and individual turmoil we see around us today. Our programing fills this gap. It lies at the intersection of emotional intelligence, applied neuroscience, and mindfulness.

We offer classes to individuals as well as teams. We also create fun, interactive projects for our community.

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Join us for Connective Communication Basics.  

You’ll walk out of this class with:
– Practical tools for understanding yourself and others –
– Skills to hear what lies beyond words –
– A powerful process to ease stress and think clearly –

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Our Perspective On The Current Events

We’ve been frustrated by how long it has taken us to collect our thoughts and share our perspective on George Floyd’s murder by the police or the current response to the inequity in our country. The Elar Institute cares deeply and is committed to showing up and speaking out. 

From the Founder…

It’s taken me some time to process what is going on and I’ve been diving into getting myself better educated only to realize I had no idea of the extent of my ignorance in regards to racism.

As someone who for years has focused on building connection, highlighting the core of our shared humanity, and teaching compassion, I felt pretty solid in my understanding of racism and how far from it I was. What I’m newly seeing is how our fear of being labeled as racist has blinded us from seeing the part we play in it simply because we’re products of a system that taught us white superiority.

I believe there are, in reality, few people who would self-identify as being racist and yet we see the symptoms of it all around. This tells me our problem lies in our inability to see exactly where our thoughts, words, and behaviors actually are racist.

Someone who’s perspective I value said to me the other day, “If you are white, you are racist.” It surprised me and I felt resistance surge up in me. I asked them to please explain it to me, as I was not understanding how this could be so.

Here’s my understanding of it now – Being born white, means being born into an advantageous role within a system whose distribution of resources, power, and opportunity benefit people who are white. I’ve benefited many times throughout my life from having lighter skin. Some of these times I can remember and the great majority of times this happened, I’m now convinced I didn’t even notice. Simply by existing in this system, we end up with racial biases and expectations. And while we can catch ourselves on some of them, there are also a slew of unconscious racial biases and expectations.

I’m worried about the Anti-Racist movement. Not because of it’s intent which I am completely in alignment with, but because we are making it an increasingly HORRIBLE thing to be labeled racist. This is dangerous because it doesn’t give us a safe space to acknowledge our very own thoughts, words, and actions that are racist. It doesn’t allow for us to safely, compassionately to do this important and vulnerable work of building awareness of the parts of us which are products of our environment so that we may revise, rewrite, and re-orient them.

We haven’t realized that we can believe in equity, love, peace, and compassion and STILL be racist and play roles within our racist systems.

I believe creating a safe space for us to acknowledge our racism and how we participate in our racist systems will empower us to stop that momentum and build the culture, the system, the world we actually believe in and long for. 

This is a human rights issue we’re dealing with that pertains to all of us. I appreciate clear, actionable solutions which are being brought to the table such as the 8 Can’t Wait Policies. The level of upset in our society and the protests give me hope that we might be able to create systemic and cultural change NOW in a way that wasn’t possible before.  

– Tisse Mallon. 
Founder/Director of the Elar Institute


From stepping into our space for a class to inviting us to perform in your living room, there’s so many ways for us to play together. Let us show you the joy and ease of connection. We promise meaningful conversations, touching moments and lots of laughter.


Here’s who we’ve gotten to play with:

Cherry Lake Tree Farm

R School

TEDx Orlando

Stetson University

Purple, Rock, Scissors

Pecha Kucha Orlando

Our story

The Elar Name

El-ar is the sound of the letters “L” and “R” which stand for living room. Our name is a subtle way to celebrate the beauty of a living room. Not due to the furniture or any other items, but because of the context it provides. We are free to be, just as we are. It’s a place we gather with those we love. It’s where thousands of little everyday moments occur. Essentially, it’s a space of acceptance and belonging.

We didn’t always feel this way about living rooms. This was a new discovery which we uncovered through Living Room Theater.

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